Honda of Reseda Finance Center

Financing with Honda of Reseda

Drive a New Honda With Leasing Or Financing

We at Honda of Reseda offer a wide selection of Honda models at our dealership. Sometimes, you need a vehicle for driving around the Van Nuys and Northridge, CA area, but don't have cashed saved. This is why we offer our customers leasing and financing at our Reseda, CA location.


Financing a Honda involves applying to borrow a lump sum from a Winnetka, CA area lender and paying it back. Payments are commonly made over a period of years on a monthly basis, ranging from 24 to 84 months. Payments are commonly calculated according to credit score, insurance requirements during the loan term, interest, and applicable down payments.

If you would rather own a Honda for driving around Tarzana without restrictions, financing may suit you. You can sell it or trade it for another vehicle or customize it any way you wish. Owning a vehicle helps increase equity in it, which is the difference between the loan amount and vehicle value.


Leasing is paying the dealer by the month to use the vehicle for a period of months or years. Lease time periods range from 12 to 60 months, though most Reseda customers prefer 34 to 36 months. Your payment is commonly based on credit score, vehicle type, vehicle value, mileage, and expected depreciation over the loan term.

If you don't travel out of the Van Nuys, CA area often and want to save money, leasing may suit you. Lease payments are commonly lower than financing payments because you only pay for the depreciation. You may also try a new Honda every few years and get a model with more luxury features at a lower cost.

Apply for Financing Online

We offer our customers online tools to help them apply for a loan or lease at their convenience. Our form is secure and easy to fill out, and you won't have to wait days to get approved. You may determine how much you may be allowed to lease or borrow with our prequalifying tools without hurting your credit score.